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What are your dreams? Who are you as a Dreamer? What goals or desires do you want to bring from the realm of dreams into your waking life?

Everything that you create happens in your dreams first. The Art of the Dreamer is becoming conscious to the energy of what’s happening in your dreams, so that you can see clearly the boundaries and limitations separating you from bringing the dreams you create into your waking life.

The astral body is the part of your spirit that explores, experiences and creates your dreams. In an Astral Body Healing, I focus on healing your astral body and its relationship to the physical body so that you can bring your dreaming self into your daily life. Whether you want freedom to establish new goals and desires, connect more deeply to your dreams, or clear the energy that might be in the way of you having meaningful, healthy sleep — this unique and visceral healing can revitalize your astral and waking experiences.

How does it work?

These unique healings take place while you are laying down, simulating sleep. In person, I create a warm and welcoming environment for the healing include a massage table for you to lay on. Online, you'll want to position your computer or device in a place where you can lay down and be seen by the healers. In the healing, you will relax and lay down on your back near your computer or mobile device. This could be a bed, couch, futon, or even on the floor on a yoga or tatami mat. Please contact me at

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